AIR PADS Technical Information


We use similar technology as our SCOUT iSUPS.

Heavy Duty 5–layer Polymer coated fabric

7-12 psi air pressure (10 psi is perfect)

6” Drop Stitch fabric


The SCOUT AIR PAD construction features Drop Stitch Material, which is a durable PVC. On the inside, thousands of nylon threads connect the top and bottom of the deck to keep it in a functional and performing shape.



The revolutionary designed SCOUT AIR PAD provides you a portable, durable, versatile stable platform that is suitable for a multitude of uses. Unlike a traditional wood dock, the SCOUT AIR PAD is compact, portable, tough, stable and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning. When not is use, simply deflate and pack away in the carry bag ready for your next adventure.




Board          8’ x 5’      10’6”

Length         9’6”          10’6”

Width           32”           32”

Thickness    6”             6”


All SCOUT AIR PADS include the following:

Convenient Carry Bag

High Pressure Bravo Hand Pump

Repair Kit

1 year warranty