Scout Inflatables llc. headquartered in Southern California is excited to offer our 14' Scout 430 boats along with key accessories to our Australian fans. After receiving many many requests for our products, we have established ourselves in Australia and can now ship directly to you from our warehouse location in NSW.

Some items available in the United States are not available in Australia but we will continue to add more items.

With over 40 years of on the water experience our team has figured out what people require in portable small boats for camping and fishing trips.  We feel that we have incorporated all the needs and conveniences into our unique designs. More importantly, owing to our years of experience in water gears and fishing expeditions, we know the design process, manufacturing and what it takes to produce top of the line hard wearing products and we have never failed to meet the expectations and demands of customers and clients whom we have served over the years

We have full time staff monitoring and controlling the manufacturing process beginning at raw material selection right through to the final packaging process. We do this so nothing gets left to chance as we seek to maintain the highest quality standards. It might cost us more but the product quality, which also means your safety, is of paramount importance to us.

Scout Inflatables is committed to providing you with products of the highest quality at an affordable price allowing you the opportunity to get out on the water whether it be the ocean, fjords, lakes, rivers or streams.

Please give us a call to discuss any ideas, suggestions and questions you might have.